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Use our Fast Ordering page when you know the names of the angels that you want.   Be sure to enter the quantity - then click "Add to Cart."   Your products will be added to your cart without leaving this page.  Pictures of the products in your cart will diplay when you View Cart or begin checkout, so that you can verify that you have just what you want in your cart. 

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There are no pictures on this page in order to speed up page display time.  To see the list with the pictures, go to Our Products page, or click on the "More info>> links below for the specific products. 

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Angel Pin - Ariel Angel
Carousel Canopy - 35% Off
Celeste - 4" Ornament
Column Pedestals
Garden Flower Beds
Garden Gate Set - 3 Pieces
Garden Rosebush & Wheelbarrow
January - 4" Angel
July - 4" Angel
July Angel with Larkspur - 4.75"
June - 4" Angel
May - 4" Angel
Melody - 4" Angel
November - 4" Angel
October - 4" Angel
September - 4" Angel
Seraphim Wafer Ornaments - Page 1
Seraphim Wafer Ornaments - page 2
Seraphina Cradle Medal with Baby Girl
Sophia "My first Communion"
Special order
Watch Over Me - Girl, 3 years