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Amanda "Sharing the Spirit"
Annalisa "Joyful Spirit" - 12" Angel
April "Spring's Blossom"
April - 4" Angel
Caring Touch Angel With Fireman - 50% Off
Caring Touch Angel With Medical Professional
Caring Touch Angel With Policeman - 50% off
Carousel - Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"
Carousel - Emily "Heaven's Spirit"
Carousel Canopy - 35% Off
Cecilia - 3" Ormanent
Cecilia with the Little Drummer boy
Celeste - 4" Ornament
Claire "Angel Friend"
Daisy "Celebrate Friendship"
December - 4" Angel
Dominique "Simple Pleasures"
Erin "Irish Blessing"
Eve "Tender Heart"
February - 4" Angel
Forever Friends
Frances "Gentle Spirit"
Gift of Kindness
Gina "Holiday Light"
Hannah "Always Near"
Harmony Musical "Love's Guardian"
Heavenly Circle "Joined in Friendship"
Heavenly Dance - The Ballerina
Heavenly Gift
Hope "Light in the Distance" 12 inch Angel
Hope Musical "Light in the Distance"
In Appreciation - The Thank You Angel
Iris Wafer Ornament - One available
Jacquelyn "Happiness Abounds"
January - 4" Angel
Jillian "Cherish the Day"
Joy "Gift of Heaven"
July - 4" Angel
June - 4" Angel
June Angel with Roses
Katherine "Angel of Knowledge"
Liberty "Let Freedom Ring"
Lily "Celebrate Motherhood"
Loving Arms - Angel with Mother and Child
Loving Thoughts - Amanda - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Amy - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Emily - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Emma - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Haley - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Kayla - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Michelle - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Mikayla - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Molly - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Samantha - 4.25 inch Cherub
Loving Thoughts - Tiffany - 4.25 inch Cherub
Maria "Guided By Faith"
May - 4" Angel
Melinda "Beloved Guardian"
Melody - 4" Angel
Meri "Happy Christmas" - 5" Ornament
Michael by Joseph's Studio
Monique Ornament
Naomi "Nurturing Spirit"
Natalie Ornament
Nativity Camel, for the 2000 Nativity
November - 4" Angel
October - 4" Angel
October Angel with Calendula - 4.75"
Pansy "Celebrate the Season" - 3 Piece Set
Police Officer's Prayer Angel
Renee "Celebrate Life"
Ruth "The Good News" - 12" Angel
September - 4" Angel
Song of Friendship
Sophia "My first Communion"
Special order
Victoria "Embrace Life"