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We can ship any one of these angels in a 12"x12"x8" USPS Priority Mail box for only $14.50 each - much less than UPS 3 Day Select, and just as fast.  (For larger, heavier figurines, UPS 3 Day Select and USPS Priority Mail cost about the same - choose 3 Day Select during check-out.)

Adele "A Mother's Heart"
Adrienne  "Nature's Guardian"
Alicia "Easter Delight"
Angelie  "Heavenly Protector"
April  "Spring's Blossom"
Arianna "Winter's Warmth"
Annabella  "Joyful Spirit"
Awaiting a Miracle!
Baptism Angel

Belinda  "Gift of Friendship"
Bethany  "Lighting The Way"
Blessing From Heaven
Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"

Calista   "Faithful Guardian"
Camille "Beloved Guide"
Cecilia with the Little Drummer boy
Celebration  "Rejoice in Life"
Celina "Little Miracles"
Celine  "The Morning Star"

Cora  "Nature's Protector"
Cymbeline "Peacemaker"

Cynthia   "Tender Guardian"
Daphne  "Blessed Moments"
Diana "Heaven's Rose"
Ella  "Peaceful Dreams"
Every Little Girl's Dream
Felicity  "Joyful Moments"
Fiona  "Joyful Moments"
First Communion Angel with Girl

Forever Friends
Fountain  "Autumn Splendor"
Fountain "Spring Celebration"
Fountain "Summer's Joy"
Francesca "Loving Guardian
Gabriel "Celestial Messenger"
Gina  "Holiday Light"
Gloria - the 2011 Annual Christmas Angel
Gretchen "Mother's Embrace"
Hannah "Blessed Child"
Harmony "Love's Guardian"
Heather "Happily Ever After"
Heaven's Light - Gentle Guardian
Helen  "Song of the Heart"

Holly "Spirit of the Season"
Hope  "Light in the Distance"  8 Inch Angel
In God's Care - The Memorial Angel
Ingrid "Heavenly Host"
Isabel "Confirmed in Christ"
Janelle "Easter Spirit"
Jessica  "Grateful Heart"
Joelle  "Nature's Spirit"
Josephine  "Celebration of Peace"
Juliette "Music's Gift"

Justine  "Angel Wishes"
Liberty "God Bless America" - 8 inch
Lillian "Nurturing Life"
Mariah "Heavenly Joy"
Melody "Heaven's Song"
Mia "Mother's Blessings"
Monica "Under Love's Wing"

Monique "A Season for Blessings"
Musical Water Globes
Naomi  "Nurturing Spirit"
Noelle  "Giving Spirit"
Nora "Nurturing Soul"
Olivia "Loving Heart"
Ophelia "Heart Seeker"

Paula  "Nature's Comfort"
Priscilla "Benevolent Guide"
Rachel "Children's Joy"
Renee "Celebrate Life'

Rose "Always in My Heart"
Rosalie "Nature's Delight"
Sabrina "Eternal Guide"
Sara  "Faithful Promise"

Sasha  "Bountiful Blessings"
Selena  "Blissful Melody"
Serena  "Angel of Peace"
Sharon  "Comforting Soul"
Simone  "Nature's Own"
Sophia "My First Communion"
Tamara  "Blessed Guardian"

Tori  "Nature's Companion"
Treasured Friends
Victoria  "Embrace Life"
Wendy "Grateful Heart"
Zoe  "Heavenly Dream" 
Bereavement Angel with Dove
Bereavement Angel, Praying
Bereavement Angel with Baby

And - any retired single angel figurine except 12" angels