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Amanda "Sharing the Spirit"Amanda "Sharing the Spirit"
Annalisa  "Joyful Spirit" - 12" AngelAnnalisa "Joyful Spirit" - 12" AngelSounding forth joy
April  "Spring's Blossom"April "Spring's Blossom"
April - 4" AngelApril - 4" Angel
August - 4" AngelAugust - 4" Angel
Brittany in the Harvest GardenBrittany in the Harvest Garden
Caring Touch Angel With Fireman - 50% OffCaring Touch Angel With Fireman - 50% Off
Caring Touch Angel With Medical ProfessionalCaring Touch Angel With Medical Professional
Caring Touch Angel With NurseCaring Touch Angel With Nurse
Caring Touch Angel With Policeman - 50% offCaring Touch Angel With Policeman - 50% off
Carousel - Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"Carousel - Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"
Carousel - Emily "Heaven's Spirit"Carousel - Emily "Heaven's Spirit"
Carousel Canopy - 35% OffCarousel Canopy - 35% Off
Cassandra  "Heavenly Beauty"Cassandra "Heavenly Beauty"
Cecilia  - 3" OrmanentCecilia - 3" Ormanent
Cecilia with the Little Drummer boyCecilia with the Little Drummer boy
Celeste - 4" OrnamentCeleste - 4" Ornament
Claire  "Angel Friend"Claire "Angel Friend"
Daisy  "Celebrate Friendship"Daisy "Celebrate Friendship"
December - 4" AngelDecember - 4" Angel
Dominique  "Simple Pleasures"Dominique "Simple Pleasures"In elegant repose . . .
Erin  "Irish Blessing"Erin "Irish Blessing"
Eve "Tender Heart"Eve "Tender Heart"
February - 4" AngelFebruary - 4" Angel
Forever FriendsForever Friends
Frances  "Gentle Spirit"Frances "Gentle Spirit"
Gabriel  "Celestial Messenger"Gabriel "Celestial Messenger"
Gift of KindnessGift of Kindness
Gina  "Holiday Light"Gina "Holiday Light"2008 Christmas Angel
Hannah  "Always Near"Hannah "Always Near"
Harmony Musical "Love's Guardian"Harmony Musical "Love's Guardian"
Heavenly Circle "Joined in Friendship"Heavenly Circle "Joined in Friendship"
Heavenly Dance - The BallerinaHeavenly Dance - The Ballerina
Heavenly GiftHeavenly Gift
Hope  "Light in the Distance" 12 inch AngelHope "Light in the Distance" 12 inch AngelFrom Heaven's heart
Hope  - Wafer OrnamentHope - Wafer Ornament
Hope  Musical "Light in the Distance"Hope Musical "Light in the Distance"
In Appreciation - The Thank You AngelIn Appreciation - The Thank You Angel
Iris Wafer Ornament - One availableIris Wafer Ornament - One available
Jacquelyn "Happiness Abounds"Jacquelyn "Happiness Abounds"
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