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Help Needy Kids
You can help make a difference in the world!  Fully 10% of all profits is helping needy and hungry children and families, through the opportunities offered by World Vision.  World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.  SeraphimUniverse.com is not affiliated with World Vision;  we have a heart for the needy in the world, and support their projects as an effective way to touch the lives of real people with real needs.  Your purchase makes a significant contribution toward these projects:

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ImmunizationsLifesaving Immunizations   
Almost 11 million children die needlessly every year, mostly of illnesses with preventable causes. That's comparable to every child dying in the state of California, according to U.S. Census Bureau reports. At World Vision, we believe that every child has a God-given right to a life of health. Boys and girls everywhere should have the chance to make their mark on the world. And with your help, they can have that chance.

Business loanSmall Business loan    
Put strength in the hands of an impoverished mother today with a small business loan she can use to start or expand a business. She’ll use her income to feed, clothe, and educate her children. And she’ll repay the full amount of your loan to the fund so another woman can receive a loan.

New baby kitNew Mom and Baby Kit     
“There is nothing as painful for a mother as losing a child,” says Shamira, whose 6-month-old daughter died of malaria because she couldn’t afford a mosquito bednet. Many new mothers in Angola lack the basic supplies they need to properly care for their newborns. Give an Angolan child a safer and healthier start in life with essentials such as a bassinet, small cot with mosquito netting, diapers, a blanket, baby booties, baby bathtub, soap, baby oil, talcum powder, and much more.

Girls in crisisGirls in Crisis Fund
You can help protect a girl from abuse, child labor, sex trafficking, early marriage, and other frequent offenses against girls born in cultures where females are poorly valued. Your one-time gift will allow trained staff — familiar with the needs and various cultures — to give nurturing support to girls through training, education, counseling, and advocacy on their behalf.

Girl in ChinaEducate a Girl in China  
In parts of China where girls do not receive the honor and respect they deserve, as many as eight out of every 10 girls never learn to read and write. You can enroll one of these girls in a year of school for just $60. She’ll learn to read, acquire new skills, and have new opportunities open up for her. She’ll gain self-esteem, confidence, and the opportunity to realize her full, God-given potential.


ChickensBrood of chickens for fresh eggs   
You can impact generations of families with this naturally multiplying gift. Each family who receives a brood of chickens (including a rooster!) is asked to raise and give back the same number of chickens to the program for another family. All the while they'll be benefiting from fresh eggs every day and a steady income from selling extra eggs and chickens.

Dairy goatProvide a Goat   
The early morning bleating of a dairy goat is a happy sound for children. They know it's ready to be milked! A goat provides a family with fresh milk, cheese and added income when they sell offspring, and any extra food at the market.

Clean waterClean water   
Provide clean, life-giving water to families in greatest need. Your gift will allow experts to dig wells, provide pumps, construct latrines, irrigate crops - whatever communities need most.    You can help stop the spread of deadly waterborne illnesses and reduce the infant mortality.

Orpans and widowsOrphans and Widows Fund  
World Vision's Orphans and Widows Fund will allow local workers to respond to the ever-growing needs of widows, orphans, and vulnerable children affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis in their communities You’ll help meet high-priority needs like food, shelter, education, counseling, and job training.