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Seraphim Universe - Seraphim Classics Angel Figurines
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One of our many Italian Nativity Sets

To see detailed pictures on our Fontanini Nativity page - click here>>

Note: All prices in US Dollars

Welcome to SeraphimUniverse.com!
Seraphim Universe presents Seraphim Classics Angel figurines by Roman Inc. for collectors and for gifts. Seraphim Universe is an Authorized Retailer of Roman Seraphim Classic Angels.  Seraphim Angels are perfectly designed to bring beauty to your home and a lift to your spirit!

  • UPS Ground only $10 on orders over $30  
  • USPS Priority Mail only $7.50 on orders up to $30.
  • USPS Priority Mail only $14.50 for any single angel up to 5 pounds.

Our 8" and 12" Angels ~

Sophia "My first Communion"Sophia "My first Communion"
Garden Rosebush & WheelbarrowGarden Rosebush & Wheelbarrow
Garden Gate Set - 3 PiecesGarden Gate Set - 3 Pieces
Garden Flower BedsGarden Flower Beds
Carousel Canopy - 35% OffCarousel Canopy - 35% Off

Our Angels of the Month ~

January - 4" AngelJanuary - 4" Angel
May - 4" AngelMay - 4" Angel
June - 4" AngelJune - 4" Angel
July - 4" AngelJuly - 4" Angel
July Angel with Larkspur - 4.75"July Angel with Larkspur - 4.75"
September - 4" AngelSeptember - 4" Angel
October - 4" AngelOctober - 4" Angel
November - 4" AngelNovember - 4" Angel

Christmas Ornaments ~

Seraphim Angels Giftware ~

~ Fontanini Italian Nativity ~

Fontanini Nativity

See more on our Fontanini Heirloom Nativity Page - Click here>>>

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Inspired by more than 2,000 years of writings and works of art, Roman partnered with one of the industry's foremost artists, Master Sculptor Gaylord Ho, to create modern interpretations of the world's most beautiful angels. In addition to possessing an extraordinary artistic gift, Ho shares with Roman the unwavering commitment to the creation of angels whose ethereal beauty touches the furthest reaches of the imagination. The angels created by Ho possess a celestial beauty never seen before, and each year the Collection reaches new heights in craftsmanship and design.  The exquisite beauty of Roman’s Seraphim Classics angels will bring an undeniable atmosphere of creativity and beauty to your home. 

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