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Alexandra  "Endless Dreams"Alexandra "Endless Dreams"
Amanda "Sharing the Spirit"Amanda "Sharing the Spirit"
Amelia "Eternal Bloom"Amelia "Eternal Bloom"
Amy "Paradise Found"Amy "Paradise Found"
Angel of KindnessAngel of Kindness
Angels of the Month With FlowersAngels of the Month With Flowers
April  "Spring's Blossom"April "Spring's Blossom"
April Angel with Sweet Pea - 4.75"April Angel with Sweet Pea - 4.75"
Arianna "Winter's Warmth"Arianna "Winter's Warmth"
August Angel with Gladiolas - 4.75"August Angel with Gladiolas - 4.75"
Aurora  "Wishes Do Come True"Aurora "Wishes Do Come True"Sparkling with good wishes
Birthday Month 4.75" AngelsBirthday Month 4.75" Angels
Caring Touch Angel With FiremanCaring Touch Angel With Fireman
Caring Touch Angel With Medical ProfessionalCaring Touch Angel With Medical Professional
Caring Touch Angel With PolicemanCaring Touch Angel With Policeman
Caroline "Garden Song"Caroline "Garden Song"
Carousel - Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"Carousel - Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"
Carousel - Emily "Heaven's Spirit"Carousel - Emily "Heaven's Spirit"
Carousel - Taylor "Day Dreamer"Carousel - Taylor "Day Dreamer"
Cassandra  "Heavenly Beauty - SignedCassandra "Heavenly Beauty - Signed
Cassidy  "Blessing From Above"Cassidy "Blessing From Above"
Cassidy  "Blessing From Above" - 4" OrnamentCassidy "Blessing From Above" - 4" Ornament
Cecilia with the Little Drummer boyCecilia with the Little Drummer boy
Celeste  "Light of the World"Celeste "Light of the World"
Charisse  "Bloom From Heaven"Charisse "Bloom From Heaven"
Chelsea  "Summer's Delight" - One availableChelsea "Summer's Delight" - One available
Chloe "Nature's Gift"Chloe "Nature's Gift"
Claire  "Angel Friend" - 4" OrnamentClaire "Angel Friend" - 4" Ornament
Claudia -  4" scale AngelClaudia - 4" scale Angel
Cymbeline  "Peacemaker"Cymbeline "Peacemaker"
Danielle  "Messenger of Love"Danielle "Messenger of Love"
Dawn "Sunshine's Guardian Angel"Dawn "Sunshine's Guardian Angel"
December - 4" AngelDecember - 4" Angel
December Angel with Narcissus - 4.75"December Angel with Narcissus - 4.75"
Diana "Heaven's Rose"Diana "Heaven's Rose"
Dominique  "Simple Pleasures"Dominique "Simple Pleasures"In elegant repose . . .
Eve "Tender Heart"Eve "Tender Heart"
Faith "The Easter Angel"Faith "The Easter Angel"To renew your spirit . . .
February Angel with Violets - 4.75"February Angel with Violets - 4.75"
Gabriel  "Celestial Messenger"Gabriel "Celestial Messenger"
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