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Abigail  "Precious Gift"Abigail "Precious Gift"
Amanda "Sharing the Spirit"Amanda "Sharing the Spirit"
Angel's Touch - The Dedication Angel Presentation SetAngel's Touch - The Dedication Angel Presentation Set
Angel's Touch MusicalAngel's Touch Musical
Annalisa  "Joyful Spirit" - 12" AngelAnnalisa "Joyful Spirit" - 12" AngelSounding forth joy
April - 4" AngelApril - 4" Angel
Ariel  "Heaven's Shining Star"Ariel "Heaven's Shining Star"
August Angel with Gladiolas - 4.75"August Angel with Gladiolas - 4.75"
Avalon "Free Spirit"Avalon "Free Spirit"
Bethany  "Lighting The Way"Bethany "Lighting The Way"
Caring Touch Angel With FiremanCaring Touch Angel With Fireman
Caring Touch Angel With PolicemanCaring Touch Angel With Policeman
Caroline "Garden Song"Caroline "Garden Song"
Carousel - Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"Carousel - Blythe "Heavenly Dreams"
Carousel - Emily "Heaven's Spirit"Carousel - Emily "Heaven's Spirit"
Carousel - Stephanie "Joyful Paradise"Carousel - Stephanie "Joyful Paradise"
Carousel - Taylor "Day Dreamer"Carousel - Taylor "Day Dreamer"
Carousel Canopy - 35% OffCarousel Canopy - 35% Off
Cassandra  "Heavenly Beauty"Cassandra "Heavenly Beauty"
Cassidy  "Blessing From Above"Cassidy "Blessing From Above"
Celeste  "Light of the World"Celeste "Light of the World"
Charisse  "Bloom From Heaven"Charisse "Bloom From Heaven"
Chloe "Nature's Gift"Chloe "Nature's Gift"
Clarissa "Celestial Sounds"Clarissa "Celestial Sounds"
Danielle  "Messenger of Love"Danielle "Messenger of Love"
December Angel with Narcissus - 4.75"December Angel with Narcissus - 4.75"
Eden "Beautiful Haven" FountainEden "Beautiful Haven" Fountain
Erin  "Irish Blessing"Erin "Irish Blessing"
Eve "Tender Heart"Eve "Tender Heart"
Faith "The Easter Angel"Faith "The Easter Angel"To renew your spirit . . .
Gloria Angel - 2000 NativityGloria Angel - 2000 NativityAnd glory shone around -
Gretchen "Mother's Embrace"Gretchen "Mother's Embrace"
Haley  "Joyful Soul"Haley "Joyful Soul"
Hannah "Always Near" MusicalHannah "Always Near" Musical
Harmony Musical "Love's Guardian"Harmony Musical "Love's Guardian"
Heather - Happily Ever AfterHeather - Happily Ever After
Hope  "Light in the Distance" 12 inch AngelHope "Light in the Distance" 12 inch AngelFrom Heaven's heart
Hope  Musical "Light in the Distance"Hope Musical "Light in the Distance"
Hope Angel  - Hinged Box With PinHope Angel - Hinged Box With Pin
Iris Wafer Ornament - One availableIris Wafer Ornament - One available
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